Vlaamse Ouderenraad

As the official advisory body for the Flemish ageing policy, the Flemish Council of Older Persons voices the needs, concerns and proposals of older people in Flanders, Belgium. Our aim is to strengthen the political participation of older people and to create age-friendly environments in which everyone can enjoy active ageing.


Our organisation is a pluralistic and representative platform of organisations of older people. We involve older people and their organisations in policy work on issues that are of importance for older people. By bringing together older people's insights, experiences, issues and capacities, we strive to improve ageing policy in Flanders, touching on the lives of more than 1,7 million people aged 60+.


The Flemish Council of Older Persons also informs older people about relevant ageing policy, influences public awareness on issues related to older people and supports research in the field of ageing.


Furthermore, the Flemish Council of Older Persons organizes trainings, study events, … for older volunteers who participate in the municipal advisory bodies of older people at local level.